2000 years of history
in the heart of
the city of london


Welcome to The City Wall at Vine Street, a fascinating journey through 2,000 years of London history, told through a collection of meticulously unearthed historical artefacts and a unique section of the original London City Wall.

This historic site in the heart of the modern City of London is now home to a unique gallery space housing an exhibition of archaeological objects recovered on the site, with a unique section of City Wall including the foundations of the original Roman bastion at its heart. It is also now home to a café created by speciality coffee roasters Senzo.

Entry to the gallery and exhibition is free, however advanced booking is essential. Please book your visit here:

Entry times: Monday to Sunday 9am – 6pm. Closed Bank Holidays.


For the first time in decades, you can now discover, close up, a unique piece of history in the heart of the City of London. Having stood for more than 1,800 years, this section of the London wall has survived the Roman Empire, the Plague, the Great Fire of London and the Blitz.

The original Roman wall was once more than 3km long and an important defensive fortification for Londinium, the capital of Roman Britain. As the city expanded, this section of the wall was absorbed into workshops, homes and warehouses which were built on the site. Then in 1979, it was uncovered by a team of archaeologists, together with a previously unknown Roman bastion – still the only Roman bastion that can been seen in London.

Now a Scheduled Monument, this section of wall and the foundations of the bastion have been carefully preserved and made available for the public to view along with many historic objects, spanning 2,000 years from Roman times to the 20th century, which were also unearthed on the site by the archaeologists.



12 Jewry Street, 

Opening Times:
9am-6pm Monday to Sunday.
Closed Bank Holidays.


35 Vine St
London EC3N 2PX

Opening Times:
7.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.
9am – 2pm Weekends.

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